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Welcome to the Kiryu Aikido dojo page.

News flash: Kiryu Aikido founder Andrew Blevins Sensei and two of his students had the great honor to participate in the recent 53rd All Japan Aikido Demonstration in Tokyo as part of another dojo's demonstration. You can view the video on our YouTube page and read a bit about the experience on our dojo blog, The Bamboo Grove.

Prospective students are welcome to come watch a class any time. Please join us and come try this wonderful martial art and see why we love sharing it with new students.

The Kiryu Aikido system has been developing students with strong Aikido skills in the south Denver metro area of Colorado since 2003. We are in our 12th year of practicing strong, traditional Aikido in a safe and supportive environment. We are located at the Lone Tree Recreation Center.


At Kiryu Aikido, we are focused on building our Aikido techniques from basic techniques to advanced weapons work, and all in between. Kiryu Aikido's main goal is to help people achieve an understanding of different aspects of Aikido practice. Aikido covers a broad spectrum of learning, and practice styles. The word "Ki" - "Ryu" can be broken up into two parts. The Ki (the Ki from Ai - Ki - Do) is energy or power that can be received or produced from our bodies. This power can be directed to execute a large array of techniques. The Ryu is flowing or style. As we work in Aikido, we train to receive energy from our partners and flow to redirect this energy to our advantage.

Image Aikido is enjoyable art, which can provide a great learning experience that will last long into the future. There are a lot of different reasons for training in Aikido.

Some of the major benefits are:

  • Great exercise (stretching, muscle, aerobic)
  • A stress reliever. Can leave the work, stress, problems behind for an hour and come out relieved with a new perspective each practice.
  • Learn a great martial art with many different aspects, and the enjoyment of learning can last a lifetime.
  • Expose your mind to learning a little about the Japanese culture and language involved in the classes. (Separate beginning Japanese classes may be taught in the future.)
  • And much more

In each practice, you will progress and learn a little at a time, first focusing on basics and slowly being exposed to the higher level techniques when each individual is ready. There is a Japanese saying: Chirimo Tsumoreba Yama to Naru - Even dust if accumulates can turn into a mountain. If you devote yourself to training, you will become good at Aikido and enjoy yourself in the process. You get out of it what you put into it!

Come down and sign-up as a beginner or watch a class, and start the process. See you soon. 

If have any questions please email us [email]

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- Kiryu Aikido has started a blog for various thoughts & ideas. It is called "The Bamboo Grove". You can click the name, or the top menu above. Come check it out and post some comments.